Uses and abuses of mobile phone – Dialogue


Emran : Hi Milon, How are you?

Milon : Fine and you?

Emran : Well because I have bought a mobile phone.

Milon : Great. Nowadays we can’t pass a single day without it.

Emran : Right, it has made global communication faster. Apart from talking, we can pay bills, use internet and send messages.

Milon : Recently introduced android and windows phone work like computers.

Emran : Yes. By using it, we can send e-mail and make video call. It has made our life easy and comfortable.

Milon : But it has some demerits also. Students waste their valuable time by using it and some become addicted.

Emran : Excessive use can cause various diseases such as brain cancer,hearing problem and so on.

Milon : Actially exess of anything is bad. We should use it with care and caution to avoid its dark sides.

Emran : Thank you for your information.

Milon : You are most welcome.

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