Consoling your friend for his/her father’s/mother’s death-Letter


24/B, South Jatrabari,
24 June, 2015
Dear Shihab,

Last night I got the news of your father’s death. I cannot think that he is no more on earth. It is really pathetic, really heart-breaking that he has left us much earlier than we can imagine.
Death is common to all. It must come sooner or later. But there are some deaths that have no condolence. Being attacked of heart failure, uncle has left us in such a way that I have no words to console you except shedding tears like you. All I can say—I’m really shocked, I’m really sympathetic to you and your family. Yet man is to forget all pains, all shock, all bereavement. This is the way of the world. So, you’ll also have to forget and take the responsibility of your family as you are the eldest son of your parents.
So, Shihab, shed tears no more. Take up the destiny stored for you and say Alhamdulillah—all praises be to God.
May Allah grant him heaven in the hereafter.
Your loving friend

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