Buddha and a poor women-re-arrange


a. One said, “I have lost my husband.”
b. A poor woman once came to Buddha.
c. The sorrowful mother went from door to door seeking the mustard seeds but at every door she met with sad replies.
d. She returned with heavy heart to the great teacher and told him the result of her great search.
e. He told her that there was only one medicine which could revive her son.
f. Another said, “Our youngest child died last year.”
g.’Then Buddha told her affectionately that she must not think much of her own grief since sorrow and death are common to all.
h. The holy man was touched by the great sorrow of the woman.
i. She asked him whether he could give her any medicine to restore her dead child to life.
j. He told her to bring a handful of mustard seeds from a house where death had never entered.


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