Blue Bird High School and College Sylhet।ব্লু বার্ড স্কুল এন্ড কলেজ সিলেট


Sylhet Blue Bird High School and College is a secondary and higher secondary school in Sylhet, Bangladesh

Sylhet is a very old city with more than 1500 years of history and was once the provincial headquarters of Assam. After the separation in 1947 (became East Pakistan), there were several schools in Sylhet, but not a school of English medium. At that time, some elite people of Sylhet thought to establish an English medium school of KG level.

Then, in 1960, Dr. M Ahmed aggregated Mr. Aminur Rashid Chy and others and took initiative to establish a school named Blue Bird School. Mr. Aminur Rashid Chy was the President, Dr. M Ahmed was the Secretary and other members were Mrs. Fahmida Rashid Chy, Mr. Farruk Rashid Chy, Dr. Krishno Kumar Pal (K.K.Pal), Mr. A Ali, K.U Jaigirdar and others.

Mr. Aminur Rashid Chy and Dr. M Ahmed started the school at the Manik Pir Road by making a tin-shed house with two rooms at their own expense. They sent their own four children to the school and requested all others to do the same. Then, school started with five students on the temporary campus at Manikpir Road, where now is established Lions Eye Hospital. There were only one classroom and one office room and five students were admitted to Nursery Class in 1961. Later, the School management committee went door to door to houses in different areas of Sylhet to collect more students and finally they were able to increase enrollment to eleven in 1961.

At the end of 1961, Dr. M Ahmed and Mr. Aminur Rashid Chy obtained a permanent building by leasing the school premises from the Ministry through the Deputy Commissioner of Sylhet, Mr. Samsul Haq Chisti. These premises were an abandoned two-story building at the Naya Sarak Road (opposite the north-east corner of Sylhet Jail). For taking facility from the Government, the school management committee reshuffled by giving chair to the Deputy Commissioner of Sylhet, Mr. Samsul Haq Chisti, as a President, Mr. Aminur Rashid Chy was Sr. Vice-President and Dr. M Ahmed was the Secretary. They renovated the building. There were total eight rooms. At the ground floor, one hall room at the entrance, where daily assembly was held, one for a Principal and Teachers Room, one for office staff, and one for classroom at the left corner of the building. On the first floor, there were six classrooms. From 1961 to 1971, there were Nursery Class, KG Class, Class 1 (One), Class 2 (Two) and Class 3 (Three).


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